Our Program

our_programThe Child’s Primary School offers a consistent curriculum K-8, and personalized high school coaching for our graduating eighth graders.

We designed this success-oriented program to be supportive and challenging. Our staff teaches students how to learn, so they will continue to learn effectively beyond TCPS. Students feel safe to take risks in an atmosphere that nurtures their self-esteem and teaches responsibility for their own actions.

Our program also celebrates the wonders of life and the excitement of learning. We encourage in-depth learning that allows for an exploration of both the abstract (theoretical) and concrete (hands-on) aspects of a subject. In addition to the acquisition of excellent academic skills, TCPS promotes the learning of life skills such as communication and problem solving, and developing positive interpersonal relationships among the students and the staff.

We believe that a family should have a role in a child’s school. Therefore, we welcome our students’ families and consider them an important addition to the school. Each and every decision regarding curriculum, fundraising or admission policy is guided by our basic values and philosophy: the child is primary.